Video Tours

Learn how to use Timesheet Xpress with our Video Tours.

Getting Started


Recording Time (2:04)

Learn how to record time information to your weekly timesheet.

Managing the Client, Project & Task List (4:08)

Customise Timesheet Xpress for your Clients and Projects, for chargeable and non-chargeable work tasks.

Adding Notes & Charges (1:38)

Learn how to add Notes and Project Charges to your weekly Timesheet. These can be returned when running Reports.

Customise your Timesheet (1:30)

This section shows how to setup your working times and time recording intervals to suit your working environment.

Reports, Billing and Project Budgeting


Manage Billing Rates (1:30)

Set the rates you charge for each Client, Project and Employee.

Billing Reports (1:46)

Use Timesheet Xpress to bill and invoice your clients! Ensure you never underbill again.

Project Budgeting (2:19)

Use Timesheet Xpress to help with your project tracking needs - view how much time and money ongoing projects have expended.

Productivity & Profitability Reports (1:34)

Examine Project Income versus Project Expenditure on salaries. Improve your estimating procedures for future project work.

Mark Time as Billed(1:28)

Prevent double-billing by marking time entered as billed after invoicing.

Working with Teams


Employee Manager (2:40)

Add all the Employees in your company to Timesheet Xpress, including Cost Rates, Leave and Flexitime settings, as well as defining their access to Reporting and Administrative functions.

Manage the Update Process (1:01)

Best practise when using Timesheet Xpress in a networked environment.

Timesheets Management Overview with rules (1:45)

Learn how to monitor employee timesheets to ensure compliance with rules including start and finish time, hours worked, and more.

Remote Working


Setup Email Settings (1:12)

Setup your SMTP email server options for use with Timesheet Xpress email features for remote workers.

Email Completed Timesheets (0:57)

Learn how to email completed Timesheet to your Timesheet Co-ordinator when working remotely.

Other Features


Record & Submit Personal Expenses (1:27)

Use built-in features for recording your Personal Expenses (e.g. hotels, petrol, food) and submitting them to management for payment.

Activities & To Do's (1:30)

Demonstration of how the Activities section can be used to monitor ongoing activities.
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