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Q. What is the Product Purchase Number (PPN)?

It is a unique licence number assigned to each installation of the program and it is located in the Help, About window of the program. NOTE, when copying this number, please do not re-type it manually, simply use your mouse to copy and paste like normal text, this will ensure no errors. Your Purchase Keys (PKs) issued are based upon the PPN and are unique, if the PPN is wrong, the PK will be will be wrong and not be accepted by the program.

Q. What is the Purchase Key (PK)?

It is a unique licence key issued by us for each installation of the program, when you purchase the product. The PK will match the PPN that you supplied to us when you purchased the software.

Q. If I change my PC or for some reason have to install, do I need to purchase a new licence?

No, re-install on the new PC and request a replacement Purchase Key from the Support Centre on, we will then issue a new Purchase Key (PK) free of charge.

Q. Timesheet Xpress says that it requires an upgrade to access my data.  What happened?

This is normally because your Timesheet Xpress Administrator has installed an updated version of software, and authorised an upgrade to the central data files that your version isn't compatible with.  They should be able to assist with installing the correct version and resolving this issue.  Timesheet Xpress requires Administrator permission before installing upgrades that change the central files, to prevent a normal user from carrying out this operation without authorisation.

Q. I have Timesheet Xpress on my desktop PC and I want to run it on my laptop PC also, do I need to purchase another licence?

Yes, the program is licensed on a per installation basis, contact us, we can give you 50% discount off the second licence providing both are licensed to the same user and company!

Q. If a colleague leaves and a new employee starts, do we need to purchase a new licence or can we transfer the licence of the person that has left?

We’ll transfer the licence (free of charge).  If the new employee has a separate Windows user login, just install Timesheet Xpress and then request a Replacement Purchase Key in the Support section using your previous licencing information.

If the new employee is using the same PC and Windows user login, record the present PPN and PK listed in the Help, About window of the program.  Then select the Tools tab and then Options; within the ‘General’ section in the options list there is an section to ‘Change Name/Company’; select this, then input the new User Name and/or Company Name, and click the ‘Change Name and Company’ button.

The PPN in the Help About window will change, request a replacement Purchase Key from the Support Centre on, we recommend you use the mouse to copy and paste the PPNs and PKs (like normal text).

Q. I am trying Timesheet Xpress Free version, how can I try all the features of the full (paid-for) version?

In the Help Menu there is an option “Try Timesheet Xpress”, click this, you will get 35 days of full functionality after which time the program will revert back to the free version.

Please note that when you're in the 35-day trial after a new installation, all features are available, including networking.

Q. How do we set the program up for team working?


Q. When I run a report, some employees are missing?

Ensure that all employees are saving their timesheets to the same shared folder, then also ensure that the program running the report is pointing to the same shared folder. Also ensure that the name the employee has chosen to use with their installation of Timesheet Xpress (visible on the top left of their main Timesheet window) is the same as the name on your list of employees (in your Employee Manager). If you are unsure, you can run ‘Scan for Employees’ from within the Employee Manager.

Q. What is the difference between Timesheet Collect and Timesheet Xpress?

Timesheet Collect is very similar to Timesheet Xpress; the main difference is that Timesheet Collect allows several users to share a single installation of the program on a single PC (whereas Timesheet Xpress is a single installation on a PC and is dedicated to a single user). So if you have several users that share a PC or you have a single 'time keeper' that inputs time for several colleagues, then Timesheet Collect is perfect for you. Timesheet Collect is also ideal for ‘Hot-Desking’.  Contact us for information about purchasing.

Q. How is Timesheet Xpress Licenced?

Timesheet Xpress is licensed per installation; the installation is dedicated to that one user. Should a member of staff leave, the user name can be reassigned to a new member of staff, in Tools Options.

Q. How is Timesheet Collect Licenced?

Timesheet Collect is licensed per installation for the number of employees you which to input time data for. For example a single TC-10 will allow you to have 10 concurrent employee names on the employee list and therefore input time for 10 employees at any point in time.

Q. Can Timesheet Xpress be run on a Windows server?

Yes, it is designed to be run on each user’s PC, it is however not a client/server application. Some users also use Timesheet Xpress with Citrix terminal servers rather than installing directly onto client PCs.

Q. Can we have Timesheet Xpress and Timesheet Collect running on the same network, sharing data?

Yes, the data is fully compatible, simply use the “Network and Sharing Wizard” to set them up.

Q. What is Support and Upgrades (formerly Annual Upgrade Protection) and must I buy this every year?

Support and Upgrades Subscription is optional, and covers you for ongoing support needs and program upgrades - you own the licence for the version you purchased permanently. You will get upgrades and support free for the first year after purchase, after that you can continue to using the product free of charge. If you wish to continue receiving support and upgrades, then you can purchase a Support and Upgrades Subscription.

Q. I’m running Timesheet Xpress Free and want to try the paid-for features?

In the Help Menu there is an option “Try Timesheet Xpress”, click this, you will get 35 days of full functionality after which time the program will revert back to the free version.

Q. Can I charge time to two things at once?

There is no way to fill a cell with more than one client, project. If you're providing chargeable services such as per-call support, you can enter a Project Charge to the time cell, separate to the time you've entered. For example from 10:00 to 10:15 you allocate time to Project A; Design, but at 10:05 you deal with a call from Joe Bloggs, then in the 1000 - 1015 cell add a client charge and hang the client name to Joe Bloggs and Task to Support for the charge. 

Q. How do I Change or Transfer User Name or Company Name (User-name, username, Licence, License)

The option in Tools Option Menu, My Company tab allows you to change the user name and/or company name.  Input the new (user) Name and the Company Name (if it has not changed, simply input the previous company name).  Then click the button. Note you will need a replacement Purchase Key, as the purchase key will not work as it is related to the previous user and/or company name. To request a replacement Purchase Key, visit the Support section.

Q. Updates to Client Project and Task List not seen by some or all users!

Normally this is caused by different users linking to different shared lists or locations, check both via Tools Menu, Options then Networking and Sharing.

Q. Purchase Key (PK) Licence Key, License Key not being accepted!

This may be due to submitting an incorrect Product Purchase Number (PPN) to us when you purchased.  Please use the mouse to copy and paste the PPN and send to us.

Q. I had to reinstall and now my Purchase Key (PK) does not work.

The PK is unique to each install (as the PPN is a unique), you must use the Support Centre to request a Replacement Purchase Key. NOTE you will need your previous licence details as well as the new Product Purchase Number!

Q. The email function does not work.

This is commonly due to problems with the firewall on your PC preventing Timesheet Xpress from emailing.  Contact your IT department for assistance.  Another common issue is that your IT department has changed your Server and its SMTP email settings, but has not informed you of this - they should be able to help resolve this for you.

Q. I cannot save changes to the Client, Project and Task List.

You must ensure you have read and write privileges (access or permissions)  for the folder location of the Client, Project and Task List  (Filename ClientProjectTasks.CPT).

Q.  How do I install Timesheet Xpress for a new employee?

Install the version of Timesheet Xpress that you're using in your company on the employee's PC under their login and purchase a new licence if necessary - we'll issue a Purchase Key for them.  If this is a replacement for an existing user, request your Purchase Key in the Support section. Ensure that the correct Name, Company and Department is entered into Timesheet Xpress.  Run the Networking and Sharing wizard after installation to connect to your shared timesheet folder on the network.  If required, remember to add your new employee under Manage Employees also, using the same name they entered into the software.

Q.  Do all employees need to use the same Shared Timesheet Folder?

In an environment where there are multiple employees working on shared projects and clients, it is important to ensure that all Timesheets are saved to the same folder location on your network, in order to collate accurate information in reports.  Visit the Resource Centre for a guide on setting this up.


NOTE: Example of a common mistake on defining the Shared Folder:

Z:\Shared Docs\Timesheet Xpress\

When you run the Networking and Sharing Wizard the program itself will insert the subfolder \Timesheets. When you come to the next PC to network it, remember that the folder you defined was as above, not:-
Z:\Shared Docs\Timesheet Xpress\Timesheets\

You must ‘stick’ to the folder name you first defined, otherwise Timesheet Xpress will insert another level as it can't find the original data, e.g.:
Z:\Shared Docs\Timesheet Xpress\Timesheets\Timesheets.

Q.  I've received a message saying that Timesheet Xpress required a full uninstallation.  Uninstalling from Control Panel doesn't fix the problem.  What do I do?

If Timesheet Xpress has encountered an error due to corruption in your Windows User Profile, you may be asked to fully uninstall the software.  As the error message states, using the control panel to uninstall will not remove all elements of the software and will not work. Please follow the instructions in the Help file, or utilise the document available in the Resource Centre to resolve this.  Download PDF for Uninstall. 

Q.  I have a much older version of Timesheet Xpress, v8 or earlier.  Can I upgrade to the latest version?

You can, although due to changes in the software you will need to carry out a more intensive data migration.  Please read the document in the Resource Centre for more information.  Downloadable PDF.  Please note that to upgrade from a version of this age, you will also need to have either valid Upgrade Protection, or purchase a new program licence - as these version are several years old no discounted upgrade path is available, sorry.

Q.  I want to control when Timesheet Xpress updates to never versions.  How can I achieve this?

The default setting for Timesheet Xpress is that the system will automatically check for updates.  Especially in larger companies you may find it desirable to inhibit this ability altogether, and ensure that updates are carried out simultaneously across your userbase to minimise downtime - changes to central file versions will prevent other employees from running Timesheet Xpress until upgraded.  Technical administrators many modify permissions and rights to control this process in Employee Manager, preventing unauthorised major upgrades.  You may also disable the web update check itself in Tools tab, Options.
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