Why Timesheet Xpress?

Here are the top reasons for choosing Timesheet Xpress according to our customers:

1 Speed and Security

In comparison to Web-based solutions, Timesheet Xpress offers more “peace of mind”
a) Your data (and your customer’s data) is held in a “cloud” by someone else, often in a different country or region – raising issues with Data Protection obligations.
b) Timesheets managed over the Internet can be slow and offer an awkward time entry and reporting interface.
c) You must have Internet access to complete the Timesheet.

2 Ease of Use on installation and for input and management
Timesheet Xpress is designed with users from all “walks of life” in mind, from novice to advanced and experienced IT administrators.
The highly engaging and visual interface, time and task logging is a simple point and click with colour coding which at a glance gives an overview of productivity by employee per week without the need to run the in-depth reports. With extensive help documentation and intuitive design, most users are up and running with the system within hours, there is no time wasted learning how to use the system. Human resource functions and managers may be given access / permission rights to run their own reports without the need for additional IT time spent on scripting and extracting data from various sources. Information from the reports will give detail by group / employee on levels of productivity and performance, valuable information to assist with employee performance reviews and project management information.

3 Extensive functionality – applicable to a wide range of sectors
Timesheet Xpress is used globally by many sectors from Accountants to Architects, Bankers to Builders, Consultants to Creatives and many more, we are confident that given the flexible nature of our software, you will find that it can be easily customised to suit your requirements. The ability to accurately track and monitor time spent in your business will offer significant opportunities to improve business processes. With information readily available on areas of your business that may be less than productive; management may make swift decisions in order to maximise their competitive position by reducing overheads associated with unprofitable costs and projects.

4 Comprehensive Technical support (if you need it)
Timesheet Xpress once installed can be used 24/7. In the event that you require technical assistance from our experienced help desk, issues logged will be responded to within hours. Besides a highly efficient system for dealing with support queries, we also offer detailed product documentation with all products, an on line help system with frequently asked questions, and videos on how to carry out many of the key functions within the software.
All software is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

5 We Value our Customer Comments
We listen to our customers' feedback and many of the new features listed on our updates come as recommendations from existing users.  From time to time customers do request specific and bespoke asked questions; we are always happy to hear from customers on this and will discuss a development brief with them on a case by case basis. Listening to our customers helps us stay at the forefront of the market and we are happy knowing that Timesheet Xpress users are getting the best solution available for their requirements.

6 Competitive pricing
Many people feel that for a product to be great you will always pay a premium, we believe in being fair to our customer base. Due to our extensive global user base, we are able to pass on competitive pricing to new and existing customers. Timesheet Xpress is without doubt the most comprehensive solution available on the market at a very competitive price. There are thousands of solutions out there, some suppliers will charge a premium to make you believe you are getting the best, but look carefully and compare the benefits (if you have time), you will quickly realise that it will be difficult to get a more reliable solution that is supported globally by an experience company, than that of Timesheet Xpress. We concentrate on remaining experts in the area of productivity and performance analysis; hence we remain focused on the task in hand.

7 Market Experience
As a company we have been designing and improving our Timesheet Xpress software since 2000, with our customers support and feedback we know that we will remain at the forefront of the market. Providing the best solution is not a 'one-time' process, we are constantly seeking feedback from our customers. Many other suppliers flatter us by mimicking our software. As a Timesheet Xpress customer, you will know that your solution will be at the top end of the market when it comes to specialist Time and Project Management Monitoring solutions.

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