Easy Timesheets

Timesheet Xpress' simple and easy to use interface lets your employees start recording their time without requiring lengthy training on how to use complex software - simply select the time slots and then pick the Client, Project and Task from the list you've predefined!

Adding notes for extra detail is easy - just select the cells and type in the extra information. This can be included in reporting later for internal analysis or for supporting material for invoices and bills for Clients.

Allowing for Overtime is also just a click away - select the time cells then select the appropriate rate. You can set time charged outside normal working hours to be automatically classed as Overtime, or disallow access to the feature if it isn't suitable for your company.

Any charges that need to be passed onto the client can also be added as a Project Charge, and included with reporting for billing later on. Timesheet Xpress ensures that you're not undercharging for your time!

We also automatically total the daily and weekly hours worked so your employees know that they're hitting their targets, breaking out non-chargeable and non-work time.

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