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Billions of pounds and dollars are spend annually in the field of Research and Development (R&D); this can be in areas such as, Life & Health Sciences, Engineering, Social Economy, Agri-Foods Creative Industries and many more. Manage your R&D project costs accuartely with timesheet tracking software that does not have an ongoing cost.
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"Timesheet Xpress has not only saved us time and money, it has given us peace of mind when it comes to Audit Reporting ..."

Lisa Gledhill, Research Officer - Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.


Information Technology

UK - Information Technology
Comprehensive reporting options allowed Timesheet Xpress to deliver key information on ongoing projects, improving on a previous solution.


  Institute for Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering Europe - Research, Transport Planning Reporting over multiple projects has been made easy by migrating from countless Excel spreadsheets to using Timesheet Xpress and ensured accuracy when analysing costs.
  The University of Manchester
UK - Research
Ensure auditing compliance and peace of mind for FP7 projects with Timesheet Xpress.

Science & Technology

  Niche Science & Technology
UK - Technical Writing
Timesheet Xpress has helped Niche keep track of project time and costs, along with helping to monitor overheads on non-billable activities and expenses - helping to provide more accurate quoting for clients.

Due to the extensive nature of the projects and tasks required in order to conduct R&D, many timekeeping solutions do not offer the flexibility necessary to drill into the detailed logging of specific tasks. Timesheet Xpress has been found by many research organisations to offer the customisable solution needed to accurately track progress made during research phases. With the ability to not only log specific tasks, with additional notes for outcomes and results, many users find the activities / to-do list highly beneficial to ensure that all tasks are completed in sequence and in time to meet project deadlines and phases for reporting. 

Funding bodies for research are highly regulated, accountability for expenditure is at the forefront of research directors and FULL ECONOMIC COSTING is becoming a big reporting issue for many under FP7 Rules. Some countries in Europe have mandated that software type solutions for time recording are implemented in order to offer transparency and full accountability for funds spent on research, measuring the economic and social benefits of the public money invested.
For those technology companies that must inherently continue to work in R&D whilst producing tangible “consumer” products; organisational investment in R&D must yield a return in order to satisfy stakeholder’s interests. As a tangible cost centre in any organisation, monitoring of time spent on R&D can be readily accessed using Timesheet Xpress, allowing stakeholders and investors to see that claims for grant assistance and additional investment are being appropriately managed.
Those employees who spend time on R&D can now be effectively monitored in terms of productivity and output through the extensive flexibility of Timesheet Xpress.

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