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Timesheet Xpress can offer agencies/practices a flexible solution to remain highly efficient, productive and competitive with their hourly rates, in turn winning and billing more business. Our Timesheet Tracking Software has no ongoing costs, just a one-time licence fee.
View our Case Studies below for more information on how Timesheet Xpress has helped our customers achieve higher productivity and efficiency! 
"Timesheet Xpress has been a revelation for our business in recording and reporting of project time and the ability to accurately measure the profitability on every project. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any business that needs to accurately monitor and report in a timely manner." 

Darren Stega-Jones, Director at inphi.net web agency.


Accountancy & Financial

  SAL Account
Europe – Payroll, Accounts and Tax
Learn how Timesheet Xpress has increased their turnover by 10% by increasing their billing efficiency.
  Brian Tonna & Co.
Europe - Accountant
Timesheet Xpress' ease of use has saved each company employee 3 hours a month for time recording.


UK - Pharmaceutical Consulting
Regulis has increased their time recording and client billing efficiency with Timesheet Xpress, enabling their business to expand.
South Africa - Consultant
Timesheet Xpress has improved efficiency over legacy spreadsheets and provided statistics to monitor staff and project performance.
  John Fletcher Consulting UK - Consultant Using detailed time reporting facilities, clients can now be provided with ongoing time reporting and project progress - with considerably improved accuracy over traditional systems.


AIT Spatial
Timesheet Xpress improved upon a spreadsheet-based solution to deliver consistent, accurate and quick billing and job estimates.

Administrative Support

Parkes' Office & Event Solutions Ltd
UK - Administration Support
Increased efficiency by eliminating double-entry of timing information and accurate client billing.

Insurance & Underwriting

  Underwriting Solutions LLC
USA - Insurance
Timesheet Xpress has saved over $1000 USD per month on time spend creating invoices alone and allowed the business to spot underbilling and inefficiency in time usage.

Web Design and E Marketing

  inphi.net web agency
UK - Web Design and E Marketing
Increased project profitability with accurate time and billing information; easy access to ongoing project time remaining allows them to improve their flexibility to their client's needs.
indium web management UK - Web Design and E Marketing By being able to quickly and easily produce detailed time reports on project work, client confidence was increased - along with improving ability to provide ongoing updates on progress and expenditure.

Architects & Designers

Cassidy & Co.
USA - Architectural
Timesheet Xpress has reduced administration time and aided the accuracy and visibility of timing information, with reports available at the click of a button.
Kevin Cartin Architects
UK - Architects
Recording project work with task breakdowns and ongoing notes has helped satisfy customer queries on jobs undertaken and the recording of mileage/expenses aided with employee administration.

Public Relations & Communications

UK - Public Relations & Communications
The ability to quickly analyse projects has allowed potential time and cost savings on projects to be identified.
Policy Matters
UK - PR Communications & Consultancy
"The time saved, the speedy reporting system and the general ease of use, has definitely changed our company for the better".


Many organisations in this sector have numerous clients and possibly multiple projects for each, keeping track of activities and work completed is mission critical to accurate billing and ultimately customer satisfaction. Timesheet Xpress offers both internal and external stakeholders (your clients) the comfort of knowing that information and work completed is being accurately logged and billed.

Even with a mobile work force, consultants perhaps working on client sites and away from the office, Timesheet Xpress offers the ability to continue logging time spent on projects for synchronisation with central information for reporting and billing. People are your key asset, it is important to manage them effectively in order to optimise business returns.
All information logged through Timesheet Xpress is available in real time. Prospecting for new business or managing existing business, projects and costs can be closely monitored by both the agency and client. Such information readily available offers a highly efficient streamlining of business processes. Timesheet Xpress provides high levels of customisation and with the ability to set up project management alerts for time (e.g. within the last 20% of time allocation) or costs (e.g. up to the last 5% of budgetary spend permitted) once projects have reached such critical stages, a temporary stop may be put on the ability for Users to charge any further time / costs to particular projects helping to 'prevent project over runs'.
Alerts can be colour coded for high visual impact and ease of interpretation. With the ability to have multiple rates for various staff working on projects, or charges for over-time etc. time and costs allocated can remain fully traceable including expenses incurred as a result of project and task work. Extensive reporting and detail of project performance may be run through a series of pre-configured management reports, which can be readily shared with clients both in detailed content and graphical representations, these summary reports can prove  valuable at client presentations for updates on project progress.
All this information is valuable not only for the daily running of your organisation, but also from a Human Resources angle. Monitoring employee performance along with time and attendance functionality around holiday, absence and flexible working times can help streamline the overheads associated with this administration. All leave and time worked can be easily monitored assisting with compliance on Time and Attendance regulations.


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