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Acksen Ltd was established in 1994 as a spin-off company from The Queen's University of Belfast, we have been successfully marketing and selling both hardware and software solutions and have enjoyed continued growth in sales of our productivity and performance solutions since then. Timesheet Xpress has seamless integration with leading business software programs including Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Project. Acksen Ltd and Timesheet Xpress are protected Trademarks.  

With thousands of users globally, Timesheet Xpress is a leading application for time tracking and productivity analysis and is the most extensive and cost effective way for teams, workgroups and individuals to manage time-based projects and costs.


“We’ve been using it with great success for a number of years now.  It simplifies timesheet logging, tracking and billing tremendously!  You are constantly improving the product, so much ...  Your support is great and value for money absolutely excellent!”     MJ Fick- COO Pétanque South Africa


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